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Loving You

By Angela M Jordan


I used to think I loved myself.  I used to think that I knew the answers, that my take no prisoners, callus attitude was enough.  I used to think that not breaking down meant I was strong.  That because I thought I was awesome meant I loved myself.  But, I was wrong.


Loving yourself is not about how you FEEL about yourself; it’s about how you TREAT yourself.  So what does it truly take to love you? 


It took me years to learn the true meaning of “self-love” and now finally at the wonderful age of 29, I have, and then I wrote about it.  What I learned along the way is that your happiness and abundance is tied to your purpose, loving yourself is a choice and you CAN have whatever life you want for yourself.  Big life lessons for a girl from a small town outside of Baton Rouge, La.  What I am not is an expert, nor do I claim to have “arrived”, but what I am is an honest, authentic, soulful woman, just hoping to pass along a little of what I’ve learned on my journey to those who maybe haven’t made it as far yet.  My cup truly runneth over… and I would like for you to get in the overflow, trust me, it’s a great place to be.


I wrote Loving You as a way to give back, to share my story, my experience, and my love.  I want to teach you how to love yourself, how to find your purpose, and how to change your life.  Not ironically, they are all connected, and it all starts with the fundamental belief that you my dear are enough.


Loving You: A Girl’s Guide To Crazy, Sexy, Self-Love is just what you have been looking for to jumpstart your life, and in turn revolutionize your love life.  I have found that the key to healthy relationships start with the relationship you have with yourself.  If you cannot give to, have patience, forgive, and love yourself then how can you give that to someone else in it’s entirety?   The answer is you cannot.  You must first learn to commune with yourself, in a big way, and then the relationships will flow like hot syrup on warm waffles.  They will be effortless, easy even.


But I didn’t write a feel good, everyone is love and unicorns kinda book.  No, I wrote a get your ass up and get motivated kinda book, you know the kind that gets you moving, and in the right direction.


I found my purpose several years ago and it truly changed my life.  My hope for you is that you will do the same.  My hope is to spread love, share provoking and motivating thoughts, and bring inspiration to you.


Xo Angie

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24 Responses

  1. Really great article about the importance of treating yourself like your best friend! (And I like your book Angie – what I have read of it anyway!)

  2. Thank you Kelly! I’m glad you are enjoying it!

  3. wow! great article! I also found that I needed to like myself first before people liked me – I wasn’t interesting in love especially at work and outside my immediate family and friends… so liking is a bit different from loving, however, still needs to come from the inside out! great job!

    • Women have a had time with this. As wives and mothers we tend to take care of everyone last …but we are simply better at all we do when we take care of our self first!

  4. Great article! This says it all…”Loving yourself is not about how you FEEL about yourself; it’s about how you TREAT yourself.” Love this message!

  5. Great article! So glad that you pointed out that even if we feel that we love ourselves, it is how we treat ourselves that shows if we do or not. Exactly! I like where you say “loving yourself is a choice”. Yes, it is!

  6. I just love this article and how it reminds us to take time out for ourselves. In order to show love to others we must first show love to ourselves. Thanks Liz!

    • I love this too. The author is a dear friend and I think her book and story are awesome!

  7. She’s one of my favorite bloggers.. I’ve really enjoyed her journey and can’t wait to read her book. She’s a genuine inspiration!

    • She has really inspired me and I love her story and her journey as a woman!

  8. Very inspiring post! I love how you say, “You must first learn to commune with yourself, in a big way, and then the relationships will flow like hot syrup on warm waffles.” Great visual!

    • I love it too and it’s true.That relationship that you have with yourself is so important to building everything around you!

  9. Self-love, self-care…thanks for pointing out the difference between what we think this means and actually knowing how to care for and love ourselves.

  10. Sounds like a truly great read. Women are worst for self-hating, and it’s hard to make the cross over to self love. It is important though!

    • They really are Tara. It’s a great book and the author is such an awesome woman!

  11. This is so true!!..Live this folks!! “Loving yourself is not about how you FEEL about yourself; it’s about how you TREAT yourself”…I concur!

    • me too Antia.. I am crazy about this young woman, her book, and mission to empower women!

  12. My wife and I now understand that before loving each other – or even our extended family and friends – we must love and treat ourselves right. You have to do that before loving others!

    • I have finally learned how important it is to take care of and love myself so that I can take great care of those that I love!.

  13. Sue

    Great article….I love your “hope” of spreading joy and inspiring others. You’re off to a great start. I share that mission as well…. what an incredible journey it will be!

  14. What a beautiful description of your journey to self love! Thank you for sharing this – you’ve inspired me to take a look at how I treat myself!

  15. LOVE this! I also adore your no holds back attitude with it! We ALL do need to remember to love ourselves. I know as a Busy Mom this is put on the backburner.

  16. Fantastic message and I hope everyone reading this will remember that it’s all about how we treat ourselves.

    One can’t expect others to love and accept us as we are if we can’t do the same for ourselves … the more we treat ourselves better – it’s projected out there for others to see and its comes back to us in the way others treat us.

    Looking forward to getting a copy of the book.

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