The dating game is never going to be easy, but here are five things that can help you to recognize that you have found the man for you.

He’s interested in what you’ve got to say
When you talk, is it give and take or is it a one way street? When
you’re on a date, the conversation should flow naturally. It’s all too
easy for a guy to take control of a conversation and to spend the
whole date talking at you but this is not the foundation of a balanced
relationship. If your date doesn’t ask questions and show an interest
in what you’ve got to say, he’s not worth it.

how to tell if he's the one

A man should be respectful all the time, but especially when he’s on
a date with you. Manners cost nothing and are a good way of seeing
that the guy you are dating is well-behaved and respectful. Watch out
for the little things. Does he hold the door open for you? Does he
stand up when you get to the table? These may sound silly but if he
can’t take care of the little things, he may struggle with the big

When things get a bit more serious, trust is going to play a major
part. You have to ask yourself ‘do I trust this guy?’ It’s a big
question and can be an uncomfortable one to answer but if you’re going
to have a future with the man you’re dating then you will have to
offer an unqualified ‘yes’. If you are ever going to be able to invest
emotionally in the relationship, trust must be established.

He’s got the whole package
  Mr. Right is going to have to be a pretty special guy because that’s
what you deserve. He’ll have to connect with you intellectually,
emotionally and physically. It’s a big ask but if you’re going to be
truly happy in your relationship then it’s something that he will have
to live up to.

  He lets you be yourself
Never change yourself to fit in with him. Doing so puts pressure on
you and worse than that, your guy will think you are someone you are
not. The relationship will be built on a set of unrealistic expectations.

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Adam Silverman
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  1. Lawrence

    April 3, 2012 at 6:07 am

    Strange that you should post this as I posted a similar situation where Joe is not the ONE

    I agree with much of what is written here, but maybe it is a cultural issue, but I have been often ridiculed for opening the car door for my date.

  2. Liz

    April 13, 2012 at 1:00 am

    Well I would never make fun of ya..;) But I think you are right!

  3. single gal

    July 31, 2012 at 11:00 am

    I completely agree! The first sign – he’s interested in what you have to say – you will know from the very first date. I believe that if the first date is more like you interviewing him – no need for a second date!


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